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(They are going to make you have explosive fucking orgasms.)

sex machinesThese fucking machines are fan-bloody-tastic - sex machines that will have you're whole body pulsating with good vibes. And that sensation will be at your fingertips whenever you want it! Let yourself go on one of these irresistably wettening sex machines and you'll have the ride of your life!

Sex Machines Galore!

Ok there's a few different types to choose from, such as the Wild Buck Sex Machine, which might be pretty intense, as well as the famous Caesar sex machine, both very able to pack neatly away under the bed or in a wardrobe.

If you're just getting into sex machines and want something to pleasure yourself with I would suggest going for the one which wets your appetite the most! Have a browse through the collection of links to the different sex machines on the right hand side and then choose which one you like the most. If you're on a tight budget the cheapest sex machine is either the sexercise ball(£99.99) or the inflatable sex cushion with vibrator(£34.99), which are great middle of the road sex machines.

The Best Sex Machines

buy sex machinesThose are for getting started really, if you want the next generation in sex machines (and sexual pleasure) you might want to take a peek at the Wild Buck Sex Machine, next in line would be Cupids Arrow sex machine - they really will make a WORLD of difference to your time in the bedroom!

Of course you could go all out and buy the top fucking machine - just look at the thing The Caesar Sex Machine it's awesome!

So most of all - enjoy your time on this sex machines site and if you have any queries do email us at pleasure@sexmachines.org.uk if you need any help choosing what you want. Sex machines stories coming soon!