Caesar Sex Machine

The long awaited caesar sex machine is here and available to order online for quick delivery! Have a look at the pics of this amazing caesar sex machine below..

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Quick Info on the Caesar pleasure machine: Nearly 5.5kgs of penetration power per thrust.
Save £299 of the queens money.
Hides easily - foldaway unit.
£699.99 (With Free Delivery!)

The Caesar Sex Machine

Here's how it looks once assembled as you can see with pictures of the control device which allows variable thrusting speeds, to whatever you personally prefer ;)

caesar sex machine in action

Caesar sex machine

The ceaser sex machine is simply the best sex machine available in the market for both men and women who are looking for deep penetration action while enjoying some wild love making. It is very simple to set up and highly easy to utilise. The best thing about it is that you can hide it under any bed of standard size.

Here's just how easy the caesar sex machine is to setup: You can fix it from below the bed. Simply take it out, put the mast up straight, barrel should be raised and then lock it up in the place. With a slight pull of a pin, the mast can be adjusted from 6 inches to 48 inches from the bottom making it really easy to position it any way you want to from the surface. The handle can be locked up to 180 degrees; it can be further rotated and adjusted.

The ceaser sex machine can used both vaginally or anally. It also has a remote that helps people to locate their ideal settings "on the job"!

Caesar Sex Machine - Features & Benefits

Linda has been using this sex machine for six months now and reports:
"It is the perfect tool to experience the world's best orgasm. Each and everything you require is present in the box. You can assemble it really quickly, and then you’re all set to let it loose on you! You have both the dildo to give the ride of your life and then the masturbator to give you pleasure for as long as you want."