Monkey Rocker Sex Machine

This machine is formidable and you will genuinely cherish it, it'll be the wisest purchase you ever made!

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Monkey Rocker Sex Machine in Detail:

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NEW USA lab designed monkey rocker - researchers have found to stimulate the right place, this is like nothing else you've tried before!

Long lasting, very well made and very strong.

Monkey rocker sex machine

You deserve all the worlds' pleasure but there are so many times that your partner disappoints you by not giving you the pleasure you thrive for. If you like many others too, wish that your lover could give you more or was more available to make love to you then we have just the perfect thing for you as a substitute...

The Monkey rocker sex machine is one of those excellent inventions made to give you the utmost pleasure. It beats a vibrator without even trying. It has a rocking seat with it that comes with a unique thrusting arm that can hold many sex toys.

The monkey rocker sex machine was made to satisfy your sexual desires and needs. Just remember that as soon as your secured and unmarked box arrives at your door step it is as eager to give you pleasure as you are eager to experience the drive. All you have to do is assemble it (which is a piece of cake to do) and equip it with the dildo and you’re all ready to rock n roll!

The best thing about the monkey rocker sex machine is that there are never any breakdowns and you won't run out of batteries. With the monkey rocker sex machine its just going to be you, the monkey rocker and the entire night to make all your wildest fantasies come true. With this machine you are in total control, you decide the pace. You can go slow, deep, long or anything you like. Its all going to be about you!

Jessica says:
"Monkey rocker sex machine is the best boyfriend I have ever had yet! It is ready to deliver the best to you anytime you feel like hopping on. No need of making its mood or pampering anybody to get anything in return. You can do all that you like you can scream, shudder, bounce like you've never bounced before! The monkey rocker sex machine will perform, and then some!!"