Wild Buck Sex Machine

Girls - the wild buck sex machine is shall we say "something else" as far as sex machines are concerned!...

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Wild Buck Sex Machine Details

Price: £125

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Comes with 3 vibrators

Pink remote control to choose your speed, give it to your partner to control your sexual pleasure on the wild buck machine!

Wild buck sex machine

The wild buck sex machine is controlled through a remote and is also battery operated. The machine has the capacity of taking three separate dildos at the same time. The seat attached to the machine is almost 18 inches wide that has a removable cover thus really easy to wash. The thrusting action of wild buck sex machine is the best; you can bounce on it up and down having all the three vibrating dildos at the same time. All the dildos each have a different function. The first one is usually a G-spot vibrator, secondly a realistic vibrator and thirdly a flexible vibrator. These vibrators can also be detached and used separately.

Wild buck sex machine review:

"The machine is not that expensive but it is definitely worth the money. The batteries are really long lasting, I really enjoy the fast and hard sex play I get on it. The dildos that I got with the machine there amazing I can use them separately as well and along with the machine as well.

The best action that I get is from thrusting. The dildo I use is a 7 inch flexible dildo that twists any way I want it to twist. It is thick and long just the way I want it to be. The sex machine comes with one speed which is perfect for me. I even got the remote control which is amazing. Many a times I give the remote to my husband and he just loves being in control he presses all sorts of buttons on it to see me going from excited to wild. I also love the thrill of him watching.

The best thing about the wild buck sex machine is that it doesn't ask for anything in return. It just gives and keeps on giving till you can't take any more."