Womans Som Sex Machine

Som sex machine for women - those Japanese have invented a revolutionary womans sex machine, and dubbed it the Som Sex Machine, which promises to to great things when put to use in the bedroom!

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Womans Som Sex Machine More info:

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Hands free lady som sex machine giving 90-180 strokes/minute!

Made in Japan so you know it's going to last!

Control the speed and angle of the dildo yourself!

Woman's som sex machine

The woman's som sex machine is simply wow! It is the best machine you can get in the market for women. It gives you everything that you can ask for. Along with the thrilling penetration you also get a torpedo vibrator that you can use for both anal and clitoral stimulation. The best of woman’s som sex machine is that it is not only restricted to giving pleasure to you, you can even have it with your partner.

It is a product that comes with unique quality and gives you smooth and consistent mind blowing performance leaving your hands totally free to do their thing!

The womans som sex machine can give you ninety to strokes each and every minute. The dildo that comes with the machine is silicon in nature it seems soft but once its inside you it’s really hard and gives you deep penetration. You can also twist it any way you want it to.

The best thing about the woman's som sex machine is that it is made to give you pleasure and not ask for it in return! You can get on it and receive the best thrusting in you without feeling the need of grabbing or kissing your partner so that he wouldn’t feel bad. The woman's som sex machine is all just about you and how you want it!